REM single pole low-pass filter on multiple analog inputs
'k1+k2 = 1 - use division with m div 2^n ratio
'k1 is new read, increase k1 for less filtering ex k1=31/32 k2=1/32
'k2 is old read, increase k2 for more filtering ex k1=1/32 k2=31/32
'calculate the corner frequency with the following equation
'corner frequency (Hz) = 1/(2*pi*T*(1/k1 - 1)) where T is sample time in seconds 
k1= 16/32;k2= 16/32
an1= @AN[1]
an2= @AN[2]
an3= @AN[3]
an4= @AN[4]
an5= @AN[5]
an6= @AN[6]
an7= @AN[7]
'execute position maint threads here
'use an1 instead of @AN[1], an2 instead of @AN[2] . . .
AT 0;'set initial time reference
REM AT-n, waits for 'n' ms from last time reference and then sets a new time reference
an1= (k1*@AN[1])+(k2*an1);an2= (k1*@AN[2])+(k2*an2);an3= (k1*@AN[3])+(k2*an3)
an4= (k1*@AN[4])+(k2*an4);an5= (k1*@AN[5])+(k2*an5);an6= (k1*@AN[6])+(k2*an6)
an7= (k1*@AN[7])+(k2*an7);AT -10;JP #filt