'In this example, the AB axes are required to perform a 90degree turn.
'To slow the speed around the corner, we use the AV 4000 trippoint.
'AV waits for the position to be reached and then slows the speed to 
'1000 cts/s.  Once the motors reach the corner, the speed is increased back
'to 4000 cts/s.  Vector Mode could also have been used instead of LM.
DP 0,0;         'Define position of A and B axes to be 0
LM AB;           'Define linear mode between A and B axes.
LI 5000,0;      'Specify first linear segment
LI 0,5000;      'Specify second linear segment
LE;             'End linear segments
VS 4000;        'Specify vector speed
BG S;            'Begin motion sequence
AV 4000;        'Set trippoint to wait until vector dist of 4000 is reached
VS 1000;        'Change vector speed to 1000cts/sec
AV 2000;        'Set trippoint to wait 2000cts from last AV command
VS 4000;        'Change vector speed back to 4000cts/sec